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About Laila Abd Elrazaq

Laila Abd Elrazaq (born in 1999) is a Visual Artist, graduated and completed her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with honors (2021), and her Master’s degree (MFA) at the University of Haifa (2023). Currently she’s enrolled in a Fine Arts Teaching Certificate program at Beit Berl College.

Her body of work focuses on Video-Art, Performance-Art, Sound-Art, and sometimes Digital-Art. The works are often centered around themes such as self-research, gender identity, and confronting traditional ideologies within the Arab community through video essays.

She has showcased her artistry in several exhibitions both nationally and internationally (Haifa, Jerusalem, Umm El-Fahem, Cyprus, New York and London). She participated and featured in an instructional video for Field Hospital X (by Aya Ben Ron) that was launched in the Venice Biennale and was presented in MUZA. She’s also a recipient of multiple scholarships and awards like the AICF Scholarship, Scholarship for excellence in final BA project named after the late Prof. Uri Katzenstien, and Young Artist prize named after the late Walid Abu Shakra.

Laila fosters a collaborative spirit and got to work in a couple of projects with her video and sound works along other artists, she plans on continuing to do more collaborations in the future.

Laila Abd Elrazaq

Visual Arts
Video Art, Performance Art, Mixed Media, New Media, Installation, Digital Art / Multimedia, Sound, Multimedia

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