About lihi kornowski

Lihi was born in Kfar-Saba, Israel. Since she was a child her father exposed her to classical music, and she started to sing opera when she was 8 years old.

Her studies at the high school were in classical music trend in Thelma-Yalin high school of arts. When she joined the army as a professional musician she realized that her dream is to be an actress, so she changed direction and went for it.

A year after the army she shot a movie with the producer and artist Hagar Ben Asher, in a lead role, and it helped her understand that acting is her way. She registered for acting studies at Yoram Levinstein acting studio. During her third year, she worked on a movie and a 2 series that were broadcasted in the Israeli T.V, and by May 2018 she began her role in the Beer-Sheva Theater, Israel.

T.V: A lead role in the series “summer day’s diaries”, 2 seasons. A lead role in the series “neighborhood”, 3 seasons. Secondary role series “how to kill the grandma”, Secondary role series “very important man”.

Cinema: A lead role in the movie “the burglar” by the writer and artist Hagar Ben Asher.

Winner of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation of singing – classical music 2010-2012

Nominated for the best female actress at the Ophir Awards 2016

lihi kornowski

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