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About Maya Gallery

The concept: Creating a place to meet the need of art and culture lovers to view and experience high-quality art. Art that does not have an element which alienates the audience of culture consumers. This concerns two functions which will operate in a single space: a gallery and a venue for cultural activity.

Art is an essential and important pillar of any cultural society. A combination of spirit and action, of cultural creation and economic creation, is the key to a healthy, entrepreneurial and creating society. We seek partners who share this viewpoint – who will promote this important project with us artists.

The gallery: Displaying high-level paintings, sculptures and photographs. That involves young, high-quality artists whose work is worthy and appealing. The gallery’s positioning is unique. We do not intend to compete with museums which provide a platform for contemporary and historical canonical works. We also do not compete with the established commercial galleries. Maya gallery provides a dynamic, fresh, open response, which maintains high quality and will not give in to commercial pressure. The variety of styles is wide and brings an authentic experience from the artist to the world. Maya gallery intends for the audience to be intrigued and challenged by the artworks, without feeling alienated. The gallery generates a dialogue between experienced artists and talented young people beginning their journey, in addition to providing a venue for veteran and valued artists of the past.

Maya Gallery

Visual Arts
Digital Art / Multimedia, Video Art, Performance Art, Mixed Media, Curating

Tel Aviv, Israel

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