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About Michal Bachi

Michal is a visual artist, lives & works in Tel Aviv, Israel.

She studied at the Brera academy in Milan, Italy (1983-84), studied and completed her BFA at the Bezalel academy in Jerusalem, Israel (1984-88) and received her MA from Tel Aviv University, the Interdisciplinary Program at the Faculty of the Arts (2013-2017).

Michal took part in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and the United States.

Awards she received include the America-Israel Cultural Foundation grant for Young Artists (1989-1990) and (1990-1991), the Young Artist Award by the Public Council of Art & Culture (1991), Creation Encouragement Award by the Ministry of Science, Culture & Sports (2001) and the Minister’s Award, by the Ministry of Science, Culture & Sports (2010).

Michal’s works often depict a human situation in which there is some tension or duality.
The combination of the random and the intentional is central to her work.
The way the materials act physically – including accidents that expose how they behave, function like the variables in a research project.
She is searching for new ways of drawing and painting that will neutralize the sentimental touch of the hand – especially as she is dealing with emotional topics.

In recent years Michal has been working mainly on paper.
Special projects include video cooperation with Roy Efrat (COME, 2017), and working as guest artist at the Jerusalem Print Workshop (2002, 2009, 2010).

Michal Bachi

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting

Tel-Aviv, Israel
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