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About Michal Negrin

Michal Negrin has been creating Victorian inspired, whimsical designs in jewelry, home décor and clothing for more than two decades.

Born in 1957, in kibbutz Naan, Israel, despite being surrounded by a strong sense of community, Michal always felt she was an individual with her own vision and drive to follow her inner passion for self-expression.

In 1984 Michal married Meir Negrin, and their relationship evolved both personally and professionally, serving as the spark that set the foundation for the Michal Negrin brand.

In 1988 the couple launched their first collection at the Tel Aviv’s famed open-air marketplace, a breeding ground for emerging design talents. Soon afterwards, the couple opened their first small shop in the fashionable shopping district of Sheinkin. Designed to convey a combination of domestic ambience & fantasy world, it is this cozy shop that has served as the international inspiration and model for the brand’s subsequent locations.

Inspired by mixing the old with the new as well as the exceptional color combinations, Michal Negrin personally designs every piece of jewelry, home décor and clothing that carries her name.

She uses a variety of techniques to craft her pieces and believes in blending styles, schools, designs and colors to create her unique neo-Victorian and vintage style.

Since Michal Negrin believes that when someone buys one of her creations, it is valued as an item to be enjoyed for a lifetime, she not only designs lasting items, but also gives a lifetime guarantee.

Michal Negrin›s designs are crafted meticulously by hand from the finest materials and components. The high-quality raw materials are carefully selected and include crystals, imported lace and vintage photographs in addition to components created by Michal herself.

In her quest to discover and expand on her own vision, she has become a design inspiration to designers around the world.

Michal follows her heart when she designs and comes up with new styles. She does not follow trends but follows her natural intuitions in order to express her rare abilities.

Michal truly believes in every thing she does as can be noticed just by the way she dresses and how she designs her own private surroundings.

Michal believes in empowering women everywhere by allowing them the right accessories to express their personality, femininity and strength.

The Michal Negrin brand has more than sixty concept stores throughout the world including destinations in Asia North & South America and Europe.

Michal Negrin

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