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About Moshe Kassirer

Moshe resides and creates in the Yodefat settlement in the Galilee district.

He studied art at Avni Institute and film making at Camera Obscure. Moshe won the "America Israel Cultural Foundation" scholarship and received personal tutoring from painters such as Naftali Golomb.

"I was born and raised surrounded by concrete and technology, in a cynical consumer's world. Moving from Tel Aviv city to Galilee, its landscapes exposed me to the missing aspects in my life: naturalism, simplicity and modesty. Through my paintings, I try to connect with these elements, if only for a brief moment of fantastic utopia." - Moshe Kassirer

Moshe Kassirer's works are collected in private collections and public venues and have been featured in exhibitions throughout the world.

2012 - Member of the Israeli painters & sculptors association (R.A.)
2008 - Begins to show his paintings in exhibitions.
2006 - Studies with the Australian artist Robert Bosler.
2003 - Raises a family and moves to live in Galilee, North of Israel.
1997 - Works as Art Director in the movie business and advertisements.
1995 - Won the "America-Israel Cultural Foundation" scholarship in Film.
1994 - Studies film at the "Camera Obscura - Tel Aviv".
1993 - Studies with the Israeli artist Naftali Golomb.
1992 - Studies painting at the "Tel Aviv Avni Institute".
1977 - While studying at elementary school, studies painting in evening classes at "The Bustan".

Moshe Kassirer

Visual Arts
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Yodfat, Israel
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