Noam Vazana

    For over 10 years Noam Vazana brings a breath of fresh air into the jazz and world landscape. Her daring choices, incorporating Vocals, Piano and Trombone simultaneously in her live show are taking her cross over to a deeper level. Her timeless compositions and stage presence make a dramatic, yet playful act.

    Often compared to the most powerful women that came before her, including Liz Wright, Nina Simone and Tori Amos, Vazana debuted her latest release Love Migration, charting the top 20 iTunes bestselling albums 2015, won the ACUM album prize ISR and featured on multiple album lists in the same year. Some of her accolades include but not limited to being featured on the most prestigious jazz and world music festivals, such as North Sea Jazz festival NL, TEDx NL, Tanjazz MA, Roccella Jazz IT and more.

    Prizes & Awards
    ACUM album prize 2014
    1# Winner Mooie Noten competition 2010
    AICF scholarship 2002-2006

    “A must see show!” -Volkskrant NL
    “Love Migration is an unforgettable journey from beginning to end” -Written in music magazine NL
    “Love Migration is a soulful album, radiant and inspiring” -8 weekly magazine NL
    “Brilliant, fantastic, outstanding… her ballads go under your skin” -Allgemeine Zeitung DE


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    AICF Articles about Noam Vazana

    | Artist News
    Noam Vazana was interviewed by Journalist Simon Broughton for the Songlines Magazine, where they talked about her new Ladino album of original songs, and why she thinks it’s important to revive an almost dying language, not by copying the past but in w…

    | Artist News
    This video was recorded during Noam Vazana’s sold-out concert as the headliner of the  APC Sommer Festival in Kempten, Germany. It was one of the only 5 concerts to survive the COVID regulations. Noam connected with the audience as they danced in their…

    | Artist News
    How do you collaborate when you’re so far apart? Eli Gorenstein & Noam Vazana decided to illustrate this feeling through a song, full of longing for a meeting between two lovers, somewhere, someday.

    | Artist News
    A message from Noam Vazana: “Six years ago I started a close romance with Ladino music. A song I rediscovered on the streets of Morocco was haunting my dreams. It turned out to be a song my grandmother sang to me when I was a child. This experience was…

    | Artist News, Foundation News
    SENA awarded Noam Vazana a Music Production Award towards making her new album Ke Haber later this year. Each year a panel chooses a select few Dutch artists to receive this honor and recognition. Vazana: “I’m grateful that this will help my new origin…

    | Artist News
    Noam Vazana presents her new album- NANI! The name comes from the nickname Vazana’s Grandmother gave her as a child. The album is nostalgic in nature, reminiscing of the Moroccan deserts and the beauty of Andalusia. Visit NANI to learn more.

    | Artist News
    Noam Vazana and her new project NANI won the 2017 Sephardic Music Award at the International Jewish Music Festival Amsterdam. The prize is a tour in Spain with a special appearance at the 2018 Cordoba Sephardic music festival. Vazana and project NANI w…

    | Featured Artist
    Noam’s music can be described as symphonic pop, she writes spiking piano – driven songs and throws in classical influences & jazz trombone solo’s. This unique combination, her charming personality and the intimate atmosphere she creates on stage ma…