About Ofer Bashan

Academy of Music in Jerusalem, NYU

Graduated with honors from the Academy of Music in Jerusalem


2014- Composing a piece for two guitars to WGC Beyond , which was performed with great success in London.

2013- Receiving the Billy Joel Merit Scholarship for the academic years 2013-2014 and 2014-2015, Begin to study at the NYU for Master’s degree in Theory & Composition, Songwriting and Film scoring.

2013 – IUPA (Israeli Union of Performing Artists) Award of Performing Artist, for singing and song writing.

2012 – I released my third album after a break of three years. The album is being produced by Louis Lahav, one of the greatest musical producers in Israel.

The new performance delivers the greatest hits of my previous albums in addition to new songs from the forthcoming album, songs written for other singers, as well as original cover versions of famous songs. All this with new and unique performances accompanied by my piano playing – which combines the classical world and the world of pop – rock. Other performances accompanied by three musicians: guitar, bass and drums.

2009 – From The second album became the song “lokeah tazman” (taking the time) the second most played song of 2009 . my second album was received with love and produced some huge hits.

2008 – I Released my second album called “Ofer Bashan.”

2002 – I Made my first breakthrough to the radio with the hit “Leolam” (never). I Released my first album called “To fly”-with the musical production of Yoad Nevo.

1996 – I graduated with honors from the Academy of Music in Jerusalem in where I studied classical piano with Prof. Benjamin Oren.

1980 –I began writing songs at the age of six, and then also began to play my own songs and music

Additional Experience

I have conducted and written music for theater, and video – Dance.

I also wrote songs and cooperated with some of Israel’s prominent singers: Miri Mesika, Harel Skaat, Amir Fay Guttman, Keren peles and more.

Ofer Bashan

Film, Music
Producing, Narrative, Piano, Voice, Composition, Production, Rock

New-York, New York, United States