Tal Gur

    My musical personality began to develop while I was listening and watching takeoffs and landings of aircrafts in an air force base where I grew up in the heart of the pastoral valley of Yizre’el. I started to play the recorder, and probably the aspects of exhaling/creating sound and the music I have heard at home pulled me toward the saxophone. After moving out to a small town near by, I began playing the saxophone and soon I was drawn strongly to the world of improvisation, free expression and poetry. Gradually I taught myself to play the piano, guitar, bass and drums and started to write and compose songs. After military service I studied sound in Tel-Aviv and later on I moved to Jerusalem to study at the music academy.

    Over time I developed an identity of a soloist who plays different styles such as jazz, folk, rock, balkan and I performed on many stages in Israel, Europe and the United States with groups such as MarshDondurma (The international jazz festival Eilat 2010, Tel-Aviv jazz festival 2008, Israel Festival 2008, Rijeka jazz festival in Croatia, 2008), Judy Lewis Quartet (three residencies at the Pizza Express jazz club, Soho, London 2004-2005, Tel-Aviv jazz festival 2006), What Cheer? Brigade (Newport folk festival 2011). I took part in albums production, theatre, festivals with Israeli artist such as Shlomo Gronich, Dan Toren, Shaanan Street, Efrat Gosh to name a few. At the same time I continued to search my original creation and in 2007 I have released my first album, “Air Portrait” which is a non verbal music journey in the landscapes of memories, a working through model that is seeking for mental insights. The ongoing urge to understand  my inner world and the connection to music brought me to pursue a Masters degree in music therapy from Bar Ilan University. Upon my graduation I moved to the United States where I expanded my expression through video and photography and completed the creation of  my second album “Basar VeDam” (flesh and blood), contemporary music for Hebrew poets songs. in June 2012 I completed a post graduate program at The Nordoff-Robbins center for music therapy at New York University.

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