The Lab

    • Visual Arts

    Tel-Aviv, Israel

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    The Lab is an experimental art space dedicated to artistic research through all the fields of arts. It is located in South Tel-Aviv, in the art compound of the city.

    As a curator and initiator of The Lab, Sharon Toval had in his vision to run an autonomous space, free of commercial constraints, which has in his vision to search for the “absolute freedom” in the creation of the artists invited to experiment.

    The Lab concept is hybrid and unites to it a number of features taken from existing modes of collaboration in the art world. It is first based on mutual collaboration between Toval and the artists participating in the program. Meetings, research, conceptual development that connects to the experiment in art: a practical, material, and medium routine.

    12 artists present artistic researches throughout the 12 months of activity, whether displayed in The Lab or in a public space.