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Yael Nitzan is an art producer and curator, a film producer, entrepreneur, cultural events organizer and a media consultant and researcher. She has worked for Art Comm since 2005, specializing in art production, curating and public relations. Ms Nitzan has extensive experience in public relations and media consulting, working in those fields at Tikshur Mechuvan from 1996 to 2005.

She also worked as head producer of dozens of daily live programs for Israeli television, as editorial coordinator for a leading weekly commentary program and as manager of a group formed specially for cable television. She was director of the Department of Publicity and Media for the Kibbutz Movement Alliance. There she was responsible for the development of media projects such as the Kibbutz Channel, the management of cultural activities in Kibbutz Gvat and social and cultural activities in the Western Valley (Galilee) Regional School. Between 1982 and 1992, Ms.

Nitzan was involved in television production at the Herzliya Studios. She was the producer and editor of documentary and other films and television programs for Israel and other countries through Nitzan Productions, including several live daily shows. Between 1976 and 1982 Ms Nitzan served in the army, initially as an emissary of the Foreign Office and Ministry of Defense to South Africa, Pretoria, in her position of administrative officer for the military attaché, and later as head of the US Desk in the branch of military attaches in the department of foreign relations of the IDF Intelligence branch, holding the rank of captain.

Ms Nitzan also established and ran a local business women’s forum, and she ran the non- profit organization Gift of Life for the research and promotion of organ transplants at the Rabin Medical Center and Schneider Center for Pediatric Medicine. She used to be the director of the ADI Association for the advancement of organ transplants in Israel. Ms. Nitzan is managing director and founder of the ISRAELI WOMEN MUSEUM, also serves as the manager of the Organization of Israeli Mosaic Artists (OIMA), which she founded in 2006.

Yael Nitzan

Visual Arts

Haifa, Israel
Grant Recipient