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About Yossi Sigura

Contemporary Impressionist painter, Yossi Sigura, was born (1964) and raised in Israel. In his early years as an artist, he was focused on painting very realistic portraits and nudes, but his interest in nature led him over the years towards landscape painting.

Lyrical and vibrant, Sigura’s paintings feature forests, skyscapes, seascapes and portraits rendered in fantastic colors. He creates in a variety of mediums; painting acrylics, pastel, ink, charcoal and watercolor. He also creates clay and bronze sculptures.

His main inspiration is the landscapes of Israel, especially the forests and trees on Mount Carmel and the Galilee mountains and valleys. His other big love and inspiration are the big forests in northern America which he keeps returning to in his paintings.

Sigura’s artwork comes from life and soul. His artistic style is expressive, using vibrant color and strong compositions. He paints a variety of subjects in a variety of styles but his roots are well in the impressionistic tradition of painting. The development of his style was never a conscious decision; it just evolved over the years.

His works are in many private collections in many countries in the world like Canada, United States, Israel, Germany, United Kingdom and many more.

Yossi Sigura

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Sculpture

Holon, Israel
Grant Recipient

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