About Amit Palgi

Amit Palgi is a dancer and a young choreographer from Israel that currently based in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

From 2019 Amit is studying at ArtEZ Bachelor of Dance/Maker. Since then he started to create. Pieces created by Amit have been selected to represent the school at some official events. In summer 2020, Amit was chosen by the gallery ‘Circa…Dit’ in Arnhem, to create a performative dance exhibition. His pieces have a clear artistic signature, they are divers and specific at the same time.
“It is clear that Amit is a creative and open-minded artist, curious and brave.” – the Maciej Kuźmiński.

After high school Amit went to study at the dance program “The Maslool for Professional Dancer -Tel Aviv”. In the Maslool Amit studied repertoires and worked with well known choreographers in Israel and the dance scene, such as Sharon Eyal, Roy Asaf and Saar Magal. During this program, he was chosen to work and perform with the Ballet Preljocaj, Pavillon Noir (France).
After and parallel his study, Amit took part in some small creative processes with the choreographers Michael Getman (Israel), Thierry Smits (Belgium), Dor Mamaia and Dariusz Nowak (Germany).

During his studies in High school, Amit got a scholarships from the AICF-America-Israel Cultural Foundation- and from the summer schools of the AAB-2014 and MIP 2017, both located in New York City.

Amit Palgi

Dancer, Contemporary

Arnhem, Netherlands