Artistic Collaborations AICF/SNF

The Artistic Collaborations program, which is funded through a grant from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), facilitates local collaborations between Israeli and Greek artists by partnering with existing arts initiatives in both Greece and Israel. This aspect of the project focuses on cross-pollination between the two artistic communities and cultures, allowing for intimate collaboration and the sharing of ideas, and ultimately leading to a lasting impact on the artists and their communities.

Music Diaries International Workshop Festival

A unique event combining two types of meetings: one of an artistic nature, focusing on specific musical instruments, and the other of an academic research conference, focusing on a specific instrumental area.

The organization aims to bridge the gap between artistic production and academic research, creating opportunities to combine artists’ and researchers’ knowledge, for mutual benefit.

The festival took place at Thessaloniki, Panorama, Greece on 5-9 July 2021. Music Diaries hosted great musicians who offered concerts and masterclasses with artists and educational programs in the following instruments: Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Composition, Chamber Music and Voice.

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Among the respected list of guest artists, was the Ensemble-in-residence, the Israeli Chamber Project, which offered audiences of all backgrounds dynamic concert and educational experiences, drawing on the rich history of chamber masterworks, as well as fresh, new voices from Israel and beyond.

“The Israeli Chamber Project is that rarest of creatures: a band of world-class soloists that is not a muster of peacocks, but a hive mind in which egos dissolve and players think, breathe and play as one.” – the New York Times

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Israeli Chamber Project members:

Tibi Cziger, Clarinet – Artistic Director of the Israeli Chamber Project

Yael Kareth, Piano – Member of the Israeli Chamber Project

Matan Dagan, Violin – Member of the Israeli Chamber Project – Principal of the Israel Camerata of Jerusalem

Michal Korman, Cello – Member of the Israeli Chamber Project

Guy Eshed, Flute – Principal of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

Tibi Cziger

“Bravo Erato Alakiozidou and Music Diaries International Workshop Festival! As a part of the Artistic Collaboration in the AICF/SNF strategic Partnership, it was our first festival abroad since COVID and it was a pure pleasure. Wonderful audience, talented students and beautiful Thessaloniki. We were reminded of how meaningful our profession is. Thank you!”

Tibi Cziger
Clarinet – Artistic Director of the Israeli Chamber Project

Open Call & Workshop for Greek composers

In a partnership with the Greek Composers Union, BeArtive, the Municipal Conservatory of Pylaia-Chortiatis, and the Israeli Chamber Project it was arranged in April 2021 to conduct the Open Call for Scores for young Greek composers and Zoom Workshop with the Israeli Chamber Project.

Young Greek composers applied and 4 winners were selected by a mixed Israeli/Greek jury of five:

Tibi Cziger, Clarinetist, Artistic Director of the Israeli Chamber Project, Faculty Tel Aviv University

Talia Amar, Composer, Professor at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

Erato Alakiozidou, Pianist, Artistic Director of the Municipal Conservatory Pylaia-Chortiatis

Joseph Papadatos, Composer, Professor at Ionian University, President of the Greek Composers Union

Vassilis Kitsos, Composer, Musicologist

The four selected composers were: Konstantinos Chaliasas, Christos Ntovas, Orestis Papaioannou, Menelaos Peistikos.

Composers Masterclass

The Israeli Chamber Project conducted the open workshop of the winning pieces, working with each composer for 30 minutes and concluding with a performance of the work. ICP is a leading chamber ensemble in Israel, which tours around the US, Europe, and Israel and is known for its educational as well as new-music work.

The program is supported by The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF)


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