Bar Zemach

    Grant Recipient

    Modiin, Israel

    Bar was born in Israel at 17 July 2000 in Tel-Aviv, to musical parents.

    His mother, Tali, is a former flutist, and his father Nir is the principal Trumpet player in the Israel Symphony Opera Orchestra Rishon Lezion – both of whom were also supported by the America-Israel Cultural Foundation.

    Bar played the Piano for 5 years before he strated to study Horn. He started to take horn lessons with Sharon Polak at 2012. Since September 2014 he started to studying with Chezy Nir.

    Today, Bar is in 11th grade and at his third year at Thelma Yellin high school of Arts; he plays in the school’s symphony orchestra by Guy Feder and in the school’s chamber ensembles.

    Bar took part in the Kibbutzim Band Orchestra, in Polyphony’s orchestra and chamber music course with Laszlo Kuti, and in masterclasses.

    Since 2016, he working as a freelance player with the Israel Symphony Opera Orchestra Rishon Lezion, and the Raanana Symphonet Orchestra.

    Additionally, Bar played in Rafi Bar’s chamber music project with his teacher Chezy.

    Bar is a recipient of the American-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship for 2015/16.


    Artist Media