About Chen Drory

Chen has studied dance for the past 11 years at the Miriam Kaufman Ballet School, and is currently a student at the Herzog High School Dance Department in Kfar Saba. Chen was awarded several prizes in the Royal Academy of Dance competitions in London, and will participate this year in the Genee Competition (Leeds, England).

In 2006, Chen danced at the Senior Summer School of the Royal Academy of Dance, and was a finalist at the Mia Arbatova Competition in Israel. Chen is also the winner of a study scholarship to the New York Academy of Ballet, where she participated in a summer course and won prizes for excellence in 2004 and 2005. Chen danced the role of Clara in "The Nutcracker" at the Israel Ballet during the 2003-2004 season.

"I would like to express my deep gratitude, also on behalf of my parents and my ballet teacher, Mrs. Miriam Kofman, for awarding me for the last few years dance scholarships. These scholarships are very important and crucial to the development and improvement of my dancing skills, and it has also enabled me to study at the Israeli Ballet School of Mrs. Miriam Kofman. The Sharett Scholarship Program also awarded me a scholarship in order to make it possible for me to reach the summer course of the American Academy of Ballet in New York at Purchase University. The Art Director of the ballet is Mrs. Mignon Furman. There, I was awarded two gold medals and two certificates of commendation of "Distinction" in "Performance Awards" competitions in the highest levels. Through all the years of getting scholarships from AICF I was treated in a professional, honorable, and respectful way, and I am really grateful for that. I have a vision to become a famous ballerina and I can say for sure the the America-Israel Cultural Foundation and its scholarships really gives me the proper help and support to fulfill my vision step by step into the future."

Chen Drory

Dancer, Ballet

Kfar Saba, Israel
Grant Recipient