About Con Calore Dance Group

Con-Calore Dance Group (CCDG) is a contemporary dance group with a unique theatrical urban style based in Jerusalem that creates post-dramatic dance performances with storytelling motifs. The group led by the choreographer and artistic director Maya Popova and general director Michal Bar-Or Karro focuses on creating distinguished dance shows that support the constructive fusion of creative artistic mediums. Each show CCDG produces brings together both local and international professional dancers and artists, some of which chose to immigrate to Israel as Olim, seeking new opportunities to create, develop and flourish.

Since being founded in 2017, CCDG has already been invited to perform on international stages such as Mashup International Showcase in Los Angeles 2020, Open Look Contemporary Dance Festival in St. Petersburg 2020, Prosspettiva Premia Danza Award 2020 in Padua Italy, and was invited to perform at the opening of a contemporary art exhibition in London.

The group has also performed in many of Israel’s most prestigious cultural festivals and venues including the International Dance Festival Residence, Jerusalem (2019), the Annual Jerusalem Arts Festival (2019, 2020), the Annual Festival of the Israeli Dance Creators at Beit Mazia (2018), the Jerusalem International Dance Week of Machol Shalem Dance House‎ (2020), Tel Aviv Museum of Arts and more.


The group is currently working on a new show with multiple dancers ‘In Time of Plague’. The show will be premiered on December 2021 in the ‘Inbal Theatre, Susan Dallal’ in TLV, accompanied by today’s leading rock/metal artist Davidavi ‘Vidi’ Dolev

Con-Calore’s Running Shows

NOT A COUPLE? Two people in a relationship are connected together by a sense of common destiny. A duet of dynamism in a developing relationship that changes the people within it and seeks a new solution to coexistence.

Was invited to perform at the Mash-Up Festival of Contemporary Dance at the Los Angeles Theater, performed in the Jerusalem Art Festival, at the Annual Festival of the Israeli Dance Creators, at Beit Mazia dance Festival, at the International Dance Week of the Machol Shalem Dance House and more.

MERAGE INTO SURREAL gives a peak into the drama happening inside the psyche as it is dealing with the complexity of different parts to the personality and polar behaviors, using relationships between people as an allegory. In the show, two images on the stage express one mind facing an inner battle.

The show was selected as a finalist amongst five others from thousands of applicants at the International Danze Theatro Dance Festival in Padua Italy, invited to perform at the Jerusalem Art Festival,the Jerusalem International ResiDance Festival in Machol Shalem Dance House, in the Tel-Aviv Art Museum and more.

INNER A post-dramatic solo piece that tells the story of a woman that passes between spaces, trying to find her identity, as she is framed and defined by the two different cultures she is living in – East and West.

Was performed in OPEN LOOK International Festival 2021 in St. Petersburg and was invited to perform in Lebanon International Contemporary Dance Festival 2021.


Support our dance group! Be a part of the production of an exciting Israeli dance show, which will showcase Israeli talent on an international stage.

We, the Con-Calore Dance Group (translated as with passion, with fire!), invite you to be a partner in staging our new show ‘In Time of Plague’ – that brings together both Israeli and international professional dancers and artists, some of whom chose to immigrate to Israel, seeking new opportunities to create and flourish.

Led by choreographer and art-director Maya Popova and co-founder and director Michal Bar-Or Karro, the group was formed for many reasons, while the main one being the desire to create Israeli dance performances on an international level.

The group focuses on creating distinguished dance shows that support the fusion of different artistic mediums, developing a brand that promotes dance, theatre, costume design, video art and music. All “MADE IN JERUSALEM ISRAEL”!

Con Calore Dance Group

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Jerusalem, Israel
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