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About Cultural Affairs at the Embassy of Israel

The Office of Cultural Affairs presents Israel’s vibrant culture and lifestyle. Israel is a diverse society, with a culture rooted in a blend of traditions from around the world.

Israel’s energetic and innovative artists specialize in a wide variety of areas from fashion to cuisine, and the performing, visual, literary and cinematic arts. Israeli artists continually push the boundaries of their art forms. They inspire self-reflective and communal examination and spark social change, while expressing the essence of the people and the land of Israel.

We collaborate with the area’s numerous cultural and academic institutions to organize a vast array of events, such as concerts, plays, film screenings, exhibitions, literary programs and much more. Through these partnerships, we celebrate Israeli culture, encourage cultural dialogue, and foster a multifaceted understanding of contemporary Israeli society.

Cultural Affairs at the Embassy of Israel

Dance, Film, Music, Theater, Visual Arts

Washington, District of Columbia, United States