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    Tel Aviv, Israel

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    Daria Konshtik was born in Makeyevka, Ukraine, in 1985 and immigrated to Israel in 1995.  Konshtik graduated Minshar school of art in 2017, and Camera Obscura school of art in 2021, studying Editing and Post Production (EPP).  Since graduating from ‘Minshar’, Konshtik has participated in dozens of group exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

    Daria Konshtik is a multidisciplinary artist who works with various media including painting, drawing, photography, and video-art – examining topics such as identity, gender, feminism, analytical psychology, childhood and racism. As someone born in Ukraine while it was still part of the USSR, and raised in Israel, Konshtik deals with questions regarding the influence and convergence of Russian and Ukrainian cultures in the realm of Israeli discourse. Konshtik examines her identity as a Russian woman in Israel, by way of a traditional Russian doll – Matryoshka, serving as her alter ego.
    In her works, Konshtik uses a vibrant palette of colors that characterize traditional Ukrainian and Russian costumes that she combines with Middle Eastern motifs. Traditional symbols, folklore, and cultural customs in Konshtik works are characterized as psychological constructs at the boundary of the conscious and unconscious, between the personal and the collective.


    2020 – The Immigrants, Daria Konshtik & Dorit Beck, N.D.Gallery, Ramat Gan.

    2017 – Games People Play, Graduates’ Exhibition, Minshar School Of Art, Tel Aviv.


    2021 – The Exhibition That Was Not, Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

    2021 – Decontexts, Millepiani, Rome, Italy

    2021 – The Virtual Art Fair, Fourth Edition, Online Exhibition, UK.

    2020 – Net +30, The 30th Anniversary of Aliyah from USSR, Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem, Israel.

    2020 – Protest for Progress, Virtual Exhibition, ZEST Hall – In Partnership with Leeds City Museum, UK

    2020 – Outside the Box, ARTiq – LGBTQ+ Community, Jaffa, Israel.

    2019 – Intransition ll, In Support of the Trans Community, The Prince Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

    2019 – La Culture: Object/Spirit, Illustration Week, Mazeh 9 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

    2018 – AFULIZ, Interdisciplinary Art Festival, Afula, Israel.

    2018 – Beyond Words, International Multidisciplinary Art Event, Artspace Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

    2018 – Paint Shapira, The Red House Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.


    2021 – AICF – America-Israel Cultural Foundation

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