About Ella Roman

Ella was born in 2005, in Jerusalem. She played on the piano and also on baroque recorders for 4 years, before she was introduced to the clarinet. She began taking clarinet classes during her 6th grade (2017) and she joined the youth wind orchestra of Hassadna Conservatory in Jerusalem in the following year.

At the beginning her 9th grade (end of 2019), Ella officially joined Hassadna Conservatory and began her studies with Ilya Shwarts. Since 2020, Ella plays in the senior youth wind orchestra of Hassadna Conservatory, under the baton of Sagit Mazuz.

Ella is a part of the senior division of the national youth wind orchestra and the gifted musicians program of the Ministry of Education. In 2021, Ella was granted a scholarship from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation.

Ella Roman

Clarinet, Classical, Baroque / Early Music

Jerusalem, Israel
Grant Recipient