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About Ella Rozenberg

Ella Rozenberg is an artist, art manager and curator. Ella devoted most of her life to developing a career in visual arts.

Graduate of the Tbilisi Academy of Art 2001 (former USSR).

and Architecture & interior design in Kvutzat Yavne Israel in 2013

She was student of the famous sculptor Mark Salman

Teaches art and illustrates books of the “Free Art” studio at the Khan Museum Ashkelon. Participates in 5 solo and 32 group exhibitions in Israel and abroad. Chairwoman of “ Amuta

le Kidum Omanut BaRrets vBhul” – Art Unlimited from 2013. Manager of projects in art, poetry and Music Curator of Art exhibitions, music performances

Received an award from the Ministry of Absorption – “Excellence in Painting”. She won the first prize in an all-Israel competition of “Body Art 2015”.

Received special award for illustrations to the books “Samson and Delilah” and “The History of Russian Costumes” from the ‘Rambam Institute’ in Moscow, 2020

Ella Rozenberg

Visual Arts
Curating, Drawing & Painting

Ashkelon, Israel
Grant Recipient

Artist Gallery