Ella Spector

Visual Arts

Ella Spector

Ella Spector was born in Israel, in 1979. She lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel
Ella is a cinematic sculptor, enchanted by mysteries, by magic and by the gap between our bodies and the screen. Cinema and fiction allow a choice to believe in illusions, artificial images and surreal ideas. To confront fakeness and yet to be drawn by it.
Ella’s work aspires to contrast one’s private experience with the collective, designed fantasy. She represents basic human longings via tools, methods and techniques that are inspired by science, conceptual art, and popular culture.

2013-2015 Bezalel MFA, Tel-Aviv IL
2012 Weißensee Kunsthochscule, MA in Space Strategies, Berlin DE
2008 Hongik University of Seoul KR; Student exchange program
2005-2009 Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem IL. Fine Arts Department
2004 Hamidrasha School of Arts, IL
2003-on Props and Set designer for Film & TV productions, music concerts, fashion shootings, artistic solutions, etc.
2010-2012 Established and run ‘Studio Hanamer’ – a props storage and workshop, specialising in scenography and prop making.
Prizes, Scholarships, Residencies
2015 A-Z West residency, Joshua Tree, California, USA. Kunstlerhause Friese residency, Hamburg, Germany, Message Salon residency, Zurich, Switzerland
2013 Arava desert of Israel residency
2012 Tel Aviv municipality; Grant of space to conduct a special project
2007 Cooper Prize, Bezalel Fine Arts Department
Exhibitions & Participations

2019 Offscreen’ Solo show, Galil Gallery, Acre, Israel. Curator: Hagar Bril

2018 ‘Southern Glow’, Light Festival, Beer Sheba, Israel

2017 Tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey, group exhibition, Cinematheque Tel-Aviv

2016 ‘More than a rock’, group show, P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL. Curator: Sharon Toval; ‘Black Box’ group show/streets event, Jerusalem, IL. Curators/producers: Izak Mizrachi, Assaf Cohen ‘Fabrica de Arte Cubano’, group show, Havana, CU; ‘Fresh Paint 8’ Art fair, Tel Aviv, IL; Zoom 2016- Israeli Young Artists; Anna Ticho House, Jerusalem, IL. Curators: Ghila Limon, Tal Bechler

2015 Family Fresh Paint, Artist Workshop Tel Aviv, IL. ‘A story behind a story’ Friese Kunstlerhaus Hamburg, DE; ‘In a broken dream’ MFA graduation show. Curator: Nicola Trezzi; ‘4 Rooms’ Gabirol space for arts’ Tel Aviv; 4 solo shows. Curator: Eyal Vexler
2014 ‘Happy End’ 09 Space for Art, Solo show. Netanya IL. Curator: Maya Kashevitz; ‘Asonologia’ Petach Tikva museum of art; Event and group exhibition. Curators: Hila Cohen; Schneiderman, Dr.Raphael Zagury Orly; ‘Fresh Paint’ special edition, private Art Fair, Tel-Aviv
2013 ‘Moderne Proben’ Berliner Festspiele, group exhibition, Berlin, DE. Curator: Maren Strack; ‘She-Bush’ Yaffo 23 Gallery; group exhibition, Jerusalem, IL. Curators: Mejadra Eyes; ‘Fresh Paint 6’ Art Fair; Tel-Aviv IL; ‘Treasure Boys’ Passage Alenbi; group exhibition, Tel Aviv IL. Curator: Nogah Davidson
2012 ‘Downright Lie’ Mazeh 9 Gallery; dual exhibition, Tel Aviv, IL. Curators: Ruth Patir, Ira Shalit; ‘BAAD Cabaret’ BAAD Reservoir Gallery; group exhibition, Tel Aviv, IL. Curator: Jonathan Touitou; ‘Random’ BAAD Reservoir Gallery; group exhibition. Curator: Nir Harel
2009 ’72 Virgins’ Bezalel MFA Gallery; group exhibition, Tel Aviv, IL. Curators: Michal Helfman& Lior Waterman; ‘The movement at the end of the wire’ Erlich Gallery; group exhibition, Tel Aviv, IL. curator: Yuval Kedar