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    Toronto, CA, United States

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    Born and raised in Israel , Eve graduated Film school Camera Obscura in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1999 . Since 2001 , she is based in Toronto, ON Canada .

    Eve’s film career is based in Toronto ,ON Canada directing feature length films , music content  and working on variety of TV shows as Post Production manager .

    Eve’s films aired on the Bravo! Channel , CBC & AMItv as well as in variety of film festival in North America.

    In 2015 Eve’s Documentary Feature Film about musician  Jeff Healey and his club – Healey’s Hideaway – aired on CBC and AMItv and currently distributed in North America by MVD Entertainment .


    Her second Documentary “Rachel-MOS ” (work title) is currently in Post Production.


    Rachel – MOS – Feature Documentary – Producer /Director – Post Production  2019/20

    Smoke me a Tune (work title)– Mini series – Producer/Director Post production 2018/19

    Healey’s Hideaway–Feature Documentary – Producer/Director Released

    Various Bravo!fact shorts (The Bravo! channel) Director/Producer 2003- 2008


    Ontario Arts Council – Film grant – 2018

    Winner Best Documentary at MIFF – 2018

    Ontario Arts Council – Research grant – 2012

    OAC/RCM -Artist Educator Foundation Certificate (Bursary) 2011

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    Eve is a producer and director based in Toronto. She directs feature length films and works on TV shows as a post production manager. Eve’s content was broadcasted on the Bravo! Channel CBC & AMItv and screened in various festivals in North America…