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About Eyal Fried

Eyal Fried, born 1968, Israel. Lives in Givat Ada, photographs in and around Israel.
MFA in Art from Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem (2009); BFA in Art from HaMidrasha Faculty of the Arts (2005); B.A in Business and Information Systems from the College of Management (1996).

Received the 2019 Local Testimony Series of the Year Award – Israel’s documentary exhibition, for the Mono-Mental series. Received the Arts Teachers Scholarship (2007-2009); the Encouragement of Creativity Award from the Bezalel MFA program (2008); 2006 Local Testimony Award for the portraits series. Excellence Award from the Department of Photography from HaMidrasha Faculty of the Arts (2005).

Documentary photographer of social and cultural topics in Israel’s fringes. Showed several solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

Eyal Fried

Visual Arts
Photography, Digital Art / Multimedia

givat ada, Israel

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