About Eyal Kless

Eyal Kless, born in Israel, has performed and taught throughout the world, fast establishing himself a dynamic and versatile musician. He is the founder and 1st violinist of Israel Haydn Quartet, which is now well into a successful ninth season, and is former member of the Manchester Piano Quartet. Eyal has also performed with artists such as Martin Rosco, Dr. John O'Conor, Adrian Brendel and others.

Eyal recently moved back to Tel Aviv, Israel. He is currently teaching at the Buchman Mehta School of Music both violin and methods of violin teaching. He previously taught at the Royal Northern College of music, Chethams School of Music (Manchester, England) and at the Royal Irish Academy of Music (Dublin, Ireland).​

Eyal works and performs with his father Yair Kless. His own and mutual students have won 1st prizes and are laureates of numerous international and national competitions. He gives lectures (stage fright and technical elements of playing) as well as masterclasses and concerts all over the world including Taiwan, New Zealand, USA, most of the EU countries and is invited to jury panels of international competitions.

Eyal Studied in Tel Aviv with his father, Prof Yair Kless, and in Vienna with Prof's Igor Ozim, Michael Frischenschlager and Reiner Kuchl. Eyal's first professional book, "Zen and the Art of Violin Practicing", is praised by students and professionals alike. He had published an article about Bach's Chaccone which could be viewed and purchased in his website.

Eyal Kless


Tel Aviv, Israel