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About Framed e.V.

FRAMED e.V. is a non-profit organization based in Berlin, offering monthly cultural events. Our founder, Yael Nachshon Levin, is a musician and journalist from Israel. Yael has started this project by hosting 15 events at her home in Berlin back in 2016 Their success led her to open a cultural salon for everyone and to fund FRAMED as an association in November 2019.

FRAMED’s aim is to support artists and musicians while harnessing the power of music and art to create a social, encouraging and sustainable bridge between all kinds of diversified people, cultures and beliefs.

FRAMED events occur once a month and consist of a unique combination of a live music performance showcasing many different musical genres such as classical, jazz, indie, rock, pop, etc, together with an art exhibition.

‘Formed by Framed’ events host any other kind of cultural encounter. It can be workshops, artist talks, screenings, readings, etc. For example, a “Model drawing evening” hosted by Israeli artist Shani Nizan, and an “independent film screening night” organized by Aharon Levin. These kinds of events have a more formative and educational purpose. Here, the guests are not only an audience but are actively participating, creating, learning and expressing.

Framed e.V.

Music, Visual Arts

Berlin, Germany