Gidi Gilam

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    Berlin, Germany

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    Until recently, Gilam exhibited under the pseudonym ‘Signor Gi’, and
    was active mostly in the public sphere. His work was led by a persistent
    critical examination of the art scene in Israel and worldwide as well as an
    examination of the patterns of conduct and centers of power within the
    artistic community.
    Today Gilam focuses on the combination of painting, video and instillation,
    which he creates in his studio; A sort of research laboratory – a creative space
    for experimentation and error.
    Gilam’s works deal with the tensions between the act of observing and the perception of reality in the world of painting: An archive of photographs collected from different sources, mostly from the internet, are used to created digital collages. Gilam recreates the image on
    canvas, and then transforms his paintings into three-dimensional installations.
    The new images are then added to his photo archive, becoming raw
    materials for future paintings. The transition between the different media
    exposes the complexities involved in the modes of human vision.

    Gidi Gilam (b. 1977), lives and works in Berlin. He holds a bachelor’s
    degree in history and philosophy from Tel Aviv University (2006), and a
    bachelor’s degree from the Visual Communications Department at Bezalel
    Academy of Arts and Design (2010).
    In 2006 he was awarded a D.A.A.D. scholarship from the German
    government, in 2010 was a recipient of the Feldheim Award for Excellence in
    Visual Communication, 2015 he was awarded Rabinovitch Grant and Mifaal
    HaPais in 2018. His final project was exhibited in the Design Museum Holon
    (2011), and his works are part of private collections (France, USA) and in the
    Jewish Museum Sao Paulo (Brazil).

    Selected Solo & Duo Exhibitions
    The Past Is A Different Country (solo), Memorial Museum, Curitiba, Brazil
    Irregular Act (solo), Galil Gallery, Akko
    Death of Spring (duo), Binyamini House Gallery, Tel Aviv
    Quiver (solo), Ramat Gan Museum of Art, Ramat Gan
    Free (duo), Lames Culture House, St. Poelten, Austria
    Cut by Demand (duo), Grille/Forelle Gallery, Vienna, Austria
    Note to Self (solo) OTCA Gallery, Tel Aviv
    Garden of Heavenly Delights (duo), Jaffa Art Salon, Tel Aviv

    Selected Group Exhibitions
    Pyrotechnics, Sadnaot Ha Amanim, Jerusalem
    Gamma, Soma Gallery, Curitiba, Brazil
    Soma Gallery Booth, Parte Contemporary Art Fair, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Independent Artists Booth, Fresh Paint Art Fair, Tel Aviv
    I Was Looking At You As You Were Looking At Me, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv
    Prettimess, Old Municipality Museum, Tel Aviv
    Head, Gabirol Artist House, Tel Aviv
    Encounter+, Ilana Gur Museum, Tel Aviv
    Sideluck, Alfred Gallery, Tel Aviv
    Painting Forever, Salon 96, Tel Aviv
    Note-Book, Old Municipality Museum, Tel Aviv

    Grants, Awards & Publications
    Mifal HaPais Artist Grant
    Soma Gallery Residency, Brazil
    Rabinovitch Grant
    Nicholas Ganz, Street Signs, Dokument Press Publication, Sweden
    Feldheim Award for Excellence in Visual
    D.A.A.D Scholarship

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