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About Gilad Ashery

studied at Bezalel academy

2018 - group exhibition ‘Hadag Muda’, Curator - Omer Geva, Beit Yanai.
2019 - solo exhibition and participation in art residency program, ‘Konvent 0’, Berga, Barcelona.
2021 - exhibition ‘under my garden’, Motza Illit.
2021 - Group exhibition ‘Supra Cosmopolita’, La maison Suédois, Paris.
2022 - Group exhibition 'Acqua Alta’, Curator - Grégoria Lagourgue, théâtre des expositions, Paris.
2022 – Diplomas ‘Dreams of Shifu’ & ‘The apple street’, Bezalel academy, Jerusalem.

2022 - excellence prize in the fine arts department, Bezalel academy.
2022 - Aileen S. cooper prize
2022 – AICF prize for young artists

Gilad Ashery

Visual Arts


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