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About Guillermo Rapoport

Through photography, Guillermo Rapoport focuses the camera's lens on the hardships of life, presenting people's reality in a transparent, harsh and direct manner. He is an awards recipient from the "Foto Revista", Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Guillermo is a social rights activist who believes art has the power to change the world.

He places his art in the school of conceptual and modern art. He uses collage art, photography and sculpture techniques in addition to poetry. Recently, he wrote:

Life is art lets live it in color.

The art is not only to look at it's also a feeling.

A good composition is like a thrilling sound.

Guillermo is a member of a few visual artists associations:

Visual artists association of England

Professional visual artists association of Israel.

Painters and sculptors artists of Israel Be'er Sheba and the Negev association.

Fruit of peace artists of Israel association.

The visual artists association house of the old city of Beer-Sheba

Guillermo Rapoport

Visual Arts
Sculpture, Multimedia, Photography

Beer Sheba, Israel

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