Hadara Levin Areddy

    Hadara Levin Areddy is a multifarious singer/songwriter, a poet, an author, a spoken-word artist, a columnist and a painter – known for her iconoclastic themes and her unique style of combining intimate honesty, social commentary and heaps of heart-breaking irony. Madly prolific, Hadara released 17 albums (English and Hebrew) and published 3 books (Hebrew prose and poetry). Elegantly and with a taste for the absurd,  she’s at once playful and dark-humored. A determined iconoclast, she’s a firm advocate of free speech and free exchange of ideas, challenging dogmas and notions of the current era. 

    Born in Jerusalem, 8th generation, She graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with honors in Film & Television. At 24 she wrote and directed an independent film, and single handedly raised her son, Adaam James (a writer, podcaster and journalist living in NY). She kick started her music career at the age of 37, without any previous relevant experience, fusing genres (folk, indie-pop, blues, funk, jazz, electronic, soul and hip-hop), garnering countless accolades. Hadara authored 3 books in Hebrew and received the Smith Awards for best first prose for her book “Rage Against the Eclipse”.

    Red wine in her hand, wearing her heart on the sleeve – her shows are a venturous journey into her lab of ideas, soul and mind. Brainy and funny, she zips between crushingly personal ballads to astute and cleverly humorous spoken word. She has paved her own cultural niche, juggling different languages, genres and media with sagacity and eloquence. Coming to her shows, you’ll get the tears and sweat of a true artist. Her piano is drunk, her mind is wild. There’s not knowing what’s going to happen, each show is different and unique. She might talk, sing or read a piece she’d written a night before, a spoken word, a poem, a tweet, or a few lines from her recent op-ed, anything about anything, politics, religion, identity, science or sex. No taboo excluded. She lets the audience into her most intimate rooms of the heart, and all she asks is that you come as you are, leave your right not-to-be-offended at the door, and have a drink with her.

    Some Reviews:

    “The Israeli Tom Waits and Bob Dylan combined” (Haaretz)

    “The most prolific and courageous artist in the Israeli music industry, excelling in her wickedly brilliant lyrics, free spirit and superb songs.” (Pnai Plus 2009)

    “She’s brutally honest, a crazy combination of Tom Waits and Joni Mitchell with a Janis Joplin edge.” (Tony Paris, x-editor of Creative Loafing, US, May 2000)

    “Emotionally perfect, Hadara is a one-woman cultural steamroller. She’s a secular Jew living in Jerusalem, a pianist who plays rock music, a determined iconoclast who’s at once playful and dark-humored—think early Bruce Springsteen meets early Alanis Morrisette. Hadara is part of a clique of Israeli artist-intellectuals. She’s carved out a niche for her own art-pop music. Hadara grows ever harder to label, but the music itself feels like a natural extension of her musical personality…it’s smart and subtle, sleek and smartly produced.” (Tablet Magazine,  New York 2009)

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