About Hora Groove

Mazal and Jacky, a couple in life and on stage, initiated the project “Hora Groove”. The project renewed over 60 popular Hebrew songs from the early 20th century until today. In this special project they produced a series of shows that tell the story of the songs and their origins.

Along with the duo’s music producer Alon Ohana, they created a platform named “Never Give Up” meant to encourage Israel’s beloved former singers to come out, preform and record new materials. The project already includes a new song done by six knows singers: Miri Aloni, Meni Beger, Dafna Armoni, Ofira Gluska, Lior Elmaliach and Suzy Miller.

Hora Groove

Piano, Guitar, Drums, Klezmer, Pop, Rock

Petach Tikvah, Israel