About Idan Hayat

Idan Hayat was born in 2001 in Haifa, Israel. He is a pupil in the 11th grade at The Reut High School for Performing Arts. He has been studying the Violin since he was 7 years old in the class of Mrs. Yulia Kantor at the Merkaz Yuval Conservatorium in Haifa. Since 2015 he is also being taught Viola by Mr. Victor Khristosov.

Idan plays in the Merkaz Yuval Conservatorium Orchestra conducted by Maestro Slava Feigin, with which Idan performed as a solois. He also plays in the Kiriat Motzkin Conservatorium Orchestra conducted by Mrs Bella Purisman. Idan participated in a competition with this orchestra at the Suma Cum Laude Festival.

He plays in the school orchestra conducted by Maestro Barak Tal. Idan has taken part in four Keshet Eylon seminars, where he took lessons with the following teachers : Mr. Uri Lavi and Mrs. Nava Milo.
He has also taken part in the Israeli Young Philharmonic Orchestra’s summer course in 2017, as well as the Huberman Program and the David Goldman Project for Outstanding Young Musicians. These two courses were on behalf of the Jerusalem Music Centre (JMC). Idan has been awarded a scholarship from AICF for the school year 2017-18.

Idan Hayat

Viola, Classical

Haifa, Israel

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