Idan Herbet

    • Visual Arts

    Ness - Ziona, Israel

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    Industrial Designer, Tel Aviv , Israel.

    As Idan sees it, design is his way of expressing himself artistically.

    He looks at design as a statement. Industrial design for him is the way to improve, upgrade and renew our lifestyle. Idan finds it around himself everywhere, everyday

    Idan manages ‘Studio Herbet’ a studio for industrial design based in Israel, with a focus on human well-being. His designs aspire to make the user pause and appreciate the moment.
    He believes in extensive research and analysis, as part of the design process of finding creative solutions for everyday problems, for a different life experience.

    Idan believes in combining abilities, each medium in his abilities directly affecting the final product. The more he enriches his toolbox, the more independent he is, which allows him to transform a project from idea to reality.

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