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About ilan Halachmi

Ilan Halachmi (born 1969), lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Halachmi is a graduate of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences at Ben Gurion University (1992), and of the School of Management and the History Department at the Tel Aviv University (1996). He works as an interior designer since he completed his training at the Tel Aviv Berezin- Shoham Studio in the year 2004.

Halachmi is an accomplished designer of numerous unique and salient projects in Israel including the home of Prof. Yarom Nakdimon, dean of the Faculty of Design at Shenkar and a laureate of the Israel Prize in design, and many other homes of Israel’s top business people.

Halachmi’s aesthetic perception is daring and unconventional. His line of design investigates the tension between well-organized systems and disruptive elements that break the mold. This approach has led Halachmi to thrust his way through the field of interior design and emerge into the worlds of art and product design. In recent years he has developed the MechaniKoo series – a line of wall-mounted pieces that embody the delicate balance between order and disorder. Anyone commissioning, exhibiting, or observing the MechaniKoo items can experience the participatory potential they inherently hold.


2018 ( December) Solo exhibition, Levinsky College, Tel Aviv

2018 ( November) Solo exhibition, Artists House, Tel Aviv

2018 Metamorphosis, group exhibition, Artists House, Rishon Lezion

2018 Mechanikoo, Artsits Wall – Solo project, Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv

2017 Steel City, group exhibition, Cuckoo’s nest art space, Tel Aviv

ilan Halachmi

Visual Arts
Architecture, Design & Technology, Industrial Design, Mixed Media, Sculpture

tel aviv, Israel
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