About Incubator Theater

The Incubator Theater began operating in 2005 with the support of the Beracha Foundation as a project whose main objective was to build an infrastructure for original theater in Jerusalem, and enable actors and theater professionals to establish themselves in the city.

During the past ten years, the Theater has put on more than 1,700 shows, from 39 original productions and plays, to a television series on Channel 10. It has also gained the recognition of public entities such as the Jerusalem municipality and the Ministry of Culture. The Incubator Theater is based in Beit Maziya, a theater complex located in the center of Jerusalem.

The Theater aims to be a significant agent of cultural change in Jerusalem and an active force in developing an urban climate of pluralism and openness that accommodates a wide spectrum of opinions and world views.

The Theater strives to be a meeting place that attracts actors, writers, and other theater artists, a focal point that stimulates cultural discourse on the complexities and unique aspects of Israeli society, while serving as a “greenhouse” for creating original and innovative theater, which is both entertaining and thought-provoking, for broad and diverse audiences.

The Incubator Theater also seeks to foster excellence in theater arts and acting, in original and classic works, and highlight its unique position as a direct instrument for entertainment, education, and culture in an era where technology and electronic media reign.

Incubator Theater

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