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About Iris Ahuva Pykovski

Iris Ahuva Pykovski is a painter artist based in Jerusalem. 2022 Graduate of Bezalel- Shlucha Haredit Art Department.

Born in the USA, Iris grew up in Israel. After she served in the army as a Lieutenant , she moved to Los Angeles where she established the fashion house "IRIS PREIS". In 2000, she moved to Nepal and established a clothing factory and restaurant by the name of "OR2K". In her life, everything she does is always combined with Art, such as: design, collage work, mosaic, ceramic, photography.

Iris Ahuva become newly religious during her stay in Nepal and the paintings became milestones in the spiritual process she underwent. In the last series, she paints spaces of holy places and combines them with images that she photographs and collects. Her paintings are utopian, idyllic with the use of fluorescent pigments to characterize the surrounding glamor. Its purpose is to present the vision of redemption and to bring it closer to reality.

In her work, she tells of her influence, the artist Baruch Nachshon, who lived in Hebron and painted the cave and its surroundings. When she stands in front of his paintings, she feels within them a point of truth stemming from the Lubavitcher Rebbe's blessing to him – devoid of ego and respect. From this she wants to create-draw, from that pure and self-blessed emanation. When Iris returned to Israel she decided to focus on her favorite thing: painting. Making the dream come true and learning at the Bezalel Academy. She graduated with excellence and is ready to spread her vision around the world.

Iris Ahuva Pykovski

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Jerusalem, Israel

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