About Itamar Shatz

Itamar has 15 years of experience performing and recording tenor/soprano saxophonist. Being a very versatile player, he had worked with a wide variety of artists such as jazz & world music bassist Avishai Cohen, Klezmer star Frank London, West African-influenced drummer Ben Aylon and Indie songwriter & producer O Mer (to name a few). Having an intuitive understanding as well as familiarity with a multitude of styles and genres, he can fluently improvise, create parts and add different textures that will perfectly serve your music. He also plays EWI.

Production: Itamar had been producing for the past 5 years, working on his own music as well as that of artists in his community such as Dor Heled, Yoni Marianer & Loren Beri. Although every song is different and is being treated as such, his general philosophy of production is to strive for maximum impact with minimum sonic information. It is a kind of work that is driven only by what's essential as opposed to everything that's possible. Being a songwriter himself, he has a deep understanding of form and arrangement. He can write and record parts using synths , drum machines and samples, as well as saxophones. If needed, he can also outsource live musicians on guitar, piano, bass, drums or anything else - choosing from a strong network of studio musicians in New York City.

Itamar Shatz

Saxophone, Composition

New York, New York, United States
Grant Recipient