Visual Arts

About Jlionz

Jlionz is a Jerusalem based Hip-hop collective of around 60 artists of all Elements (Music, Dance, Street art & graffiti). The collective opened up officially in June 2016 and we are only growing. As of today, we Provide services such as – shows, classes, music production, simple resources for artists, and street art tours. In our big shows, we try to fit in all elements together or separately. Since we Are Jerusalem base there are so many different kinds of cultures to choose from, which is why we try to blend in all cultures and religions. But of course with the emphasis of Israeli Hip-hop culture which is super unique and special.

Jlionz artists perform all over the country and are making the culture bigger here in Jerusalem and in many other places in the Country. We would love to show North America what Israeli Hip-hop Artists have to offer and its unique culture.


Dance, Music, Visual Arts
Dancer, Composition, Production, Other, Drawing & Painting

Jerusalem, Israel
Grant Recipient