About Kamea Dance Company

Kamea Dance Company is one of the leading voices in the Israeli dance scene, capturing audiences with inspiring performances that combine a rich and virtuosic dance movement and intense emotional depths.

Tamir Ginz, the artistic director and choreographer of the company, creates works that are the main axis of the repertoire. His choreographies are characterized by a personal language, colorful and unique, based on both classical and modern techniques, challenging the dancers’ physicality beyond limitations. On stage, Ginz succeeds in creating a richly layered world that has proven itself as very appealing to wide audiences.

In addition to Mr Ginz’s creations, the company performs works by renowned guest choreographers as well as young Israeli talents.

Kamea is a home to 14 dancers, Israelis side by side with dancers from all over the world, with unique personalities who bring an elegant, polished and refreshing performance to the stage.

Being a loyal ambassador for the city of Beer Sheva, Kamea holds tens of yearly performances in Israel and around the world. The company has received wide acclaim while touring in well-known festivals in Europe, South America, China and India, additional to the praise and recognition that Kamea’s performances win at home.

Given that the company sees it as a mission to offer cultural opportunities to a wide array of public, Kamea is also devoted to raising a young audience with special shows geared to youth and children. Moreover, the company holds educational projects and workshops in schools, dance departments and studios throughout Israel.

Kamea works alongside with the Bat-Dor Beer-Sheva Municipal Dance Center, the largest professional dance school in Israel that has trained the initial core of the Company’s dancers.

Kamea was founded in 2002 following the joint initiative of Daniella Schapira, at the time director of Bat Dor Beer Sheva and celebrated choreographer Tamir Ginz as the resident company of the Bat-Dor Beer Sheva Dance Center.

The company is based in Beer Sheva, the southern metropolis of Israel and is an inseparable part of the city’s cultural community.

In May 2013 the company moved to its new spacious premises “The Cebrin Goodman Home for the Kamea Dance Company”, built thanks to the generous donation from the Lilian and Larry Goodman Foundation (Chicago), The Israeli Lottery, and the Beer-Sheva Municipality.

Kamea Dance Company

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