Leah Glick

    Grant Recipient

    Brooklyn, NY, United States

    Leah Glick was born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1994. She began studying the violin at age 8 at ‘Hassadna’ Conservatory and continued her studies at the Jerusalem Academy of Music, under Michael Geisler and Roi Shiloah. At age 21 she began starting the viola, currently studies with Daniel Panner at Mannes School of Music, New York.

    Leah performed with Jerusalem- Weimar Orchestra all over Germany and Israel. With Raanana Symphony Orchestra in Switzerland, and Hassadna Conservatory Orchestra in London. She traveled to tour in Frankfurt with a Chamber ensemble of the Jerusalem Academy. and was a member of the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra in 2016-2017. Leah attended the Young Israeli Philharmonic from 2010-2013. She participated in masterclasses with Michaela Martin, Miriam Fried, Herwig Zack and many more.

    Leah was rewarded scholarships from Younes Nazrian Chamber Music Scholarship; a grant for outstanding ensemble performers. From America- Israel Cultural Foundation since 2011, Varon Scholarship,┬áMannes Supplemental Award GR and ‘president’s scholarship’ for graduate studies at the Mannes School of Music.