Visual Arts

About Liat Cohen

Born in 1987, graduated from the Department of Photography in ‘Minshar For Art’ school, 2015. Lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Cohen’s work deals with domestic objects, re-placing them as monuments in a new surrounding.

The creative process is done by observing and questioning the resonance of the home space, and is a result of the detection of human gestures, pointing to objects with a connection to other territories that historical and political processes embodied within them.

The objects placing and composition is inspired by the aesthetics of advertising photography as well as form and pattern of product packaging, and in that essence, also emitting their generic surrounding.

The installation and the nature of photographic process are aiming to subvert and reveal the internal composition, complexity and vulnerability of these objects.

This is an attempt to expose the narrative from organic production process to the synthetic output. Many times, this way will uncover relations of power and exploitation.

Liat Cohen

Visual Arts

Tel Aviv, Israel