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About Lior Reizel

Lior was born and raised at Kibbutz Yad-Mordechai. She studied art at the Avni Institute- College of Fine Arts, Tel Aviv. As a wanderer between worlds, she knows that the most magnificent landscapes she’s experienced are invisible to the eye; revealed only to those who wish to see them.

In her creative work, she grasps the tip of the thread that has been dangled before her from the hidden corners of her consciousness; a gift to be used in “weaving” a work of art. Naturally, this thread undergoes a change in the studio. Studio work focuses on a dense, material existence that tries to cloak the magic threads in a physical body. Over the years, the work has become more and more material, and nevertheless more precise. As she blends, paints and sculpts, the crevices of consciousness remain close at hand. Attention is sharpened, vision clears, fear subsides, and she is better able to contain the visions she sees and passes them along.


2004 “Secret Regions ” solo Exhibition, Maagan Michael Gallery

2006 ” Regions ” solo Exhibition , “The New Art Gallery” Bat Yam

2008 “Memory of the Future” Group exhibition, Dana Gallery, Yad Mordechai

2010 “Imagination 2010” Group exhibition, Bank Hapoalim, Tel Aviv

2011 “Imagination 2011” Group exhibition, Bank Hapoalim, Tel Aviv

2011 “Close to…Home, Memory, Place”, Group Travelling exhibition

2013 “Donning the Light and Shedding the World “, solo Exhibition , Dana Gallery, Yad Mordechai

2015 “Shredding light” , Group exhibition, Beeri Gallery, Beeri

Lior Reizel

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Sculpture

kibbutz Yad - Mordechai, Israel