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About Mally Elbaz Almandine

Mally Elbaz | Artist – Painter | Almandine

Education: M.A in Education and Art

Unique original paintings by hand - acrylic on canvas mixed media.

Almandine – A deep purplish red, naturally occurring gemstone which serves as the basis of my work and my personal philosophy. The personal significance of this stone has carried me through the hardships in my life. The stones are the building blocks of my personality as well as my paintings.
As a child from an economically impoverished family, I used to play in vast fields outside my house. Little stones similar to Almandine were my toys. They formed my first pleasant memories, they were the characters who painted my imagination, who told me stories, and in the unpredictable condition of my early life, I had them always. Today, I portray these stones as the basic elements comprising the images on my canvas, which are the emotional recollections of my life's events.

My artistic creations harbor multiple dynamic layers which I embrace. For example, in addition to the representation of the almandine stones as a beaded string which illuminates the figures in my paintings, I also view my creations as woven quilts. As so, my paintings are influenced by my father's profession in Yemen as a tailor to the king. The intricate and colorful detail is an interpretive representation of the Jewish-Yemeni quilting work that my father had toiled over in his boyhood. The patterns intertwine to stitch together the human experience that I felt as a young girl, that my father had felt as a boy, and that the viewer feels as he identifies with these emotions.


 Ohalo College and boarding school – School for teachers and kindergarten teachers.
 Artists Workshops: the late Tuvia Yuster, Aliza Lahav – Shaaltiel, Ein Hod Moshav.
 Oranim, Haifa University – B.e.d. in Arts poly Aesthetics
 M.A. in Education via Art - Abroad.
 Introduction to philosophical aesthetics - The Open University
 The Renaissance Art in Italy - The Open University
 Art in the technological era - Art of 20th century - The Open University
 M.A. studies - interdisciplinary courses - The Open University (Until retirement)
Professional Experience
 Kindergarten teacher - Teen center - artistic director, Hitim Village
 Ministry of Education –Kindergarten teachers' supervision Instructor (early retirement)
 Participated in local and international exhibitions.

List of Exhibitions

 Nevo Gallery Tel Aviv - Curator John Harrison (February March 2012)
 Paris, Business Saloon- curator Dr. Shirat Miriam (July 2012)
 Kaye College -Curator Uri Peretz (December 2012)
 Gabriel House- Curator Yael Nitzan( February March 2013)
 Ayelet Hashachar Gallery, Tel Aviv -Curator Motti Golan (September-October 2013)
 Nirla, Bethlehem of Galilee – Dr. Zederbaum ( October -November 2013)
Online Exhibitions "Biglal" Magazin (Curator Dr. Nurit Tzederboim)
 "Place and Location" Magazine, curator Dr. Nurit Tzedreboim- December 2012
 "Light and Shadow" Magazine , curator Dr. Nurit Tzederboim- March 2013
 "Family and Closeness" Magazine, curator Dr. Nurit Tzederboim June 2013
 "Heroes and Heroism" Magazine, curator Dr. Nurit Tzederboim - August 2013
 "Dream and fantasy" Magazine, curator Dr. Nurit Tzederboim - March 2014
 "Jubilee and Holiday" Magazine, curator Dr. Nurit Tzederboim - September 2014
 "East and West " Magazine, curator Dr. Nurit Tzederboim - December 2014

A collective exhibition – The Cottage of Israel, San Diego California
Painting: Mrs. Halyamani (was chosen to represent Israel at the exhibition)
Curator: Smadar Samson April 2014

An online Art Magazine No. 44 – Tammy Lauper*
 Http:// - "Viewpoint 2013
 "Circles" 2013
 http: // People "" 2013
 http: // "Fantasy" 2013
 "Secrets" 2013
 http: // "Woman" "2013
*At the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, Israel.

Mally Elbaz Almandine

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