About Maya Lewandowsky

Maya Lewandowsky is the artistic director and founder of La Caravan Dance Theatre as well as the creator of the “Free Your Natural Voice” Method. For over 30 years, Maya’s distinction as a singer, dancer and choreographer has seen her study and perform with international teachers, acclaimed choreographers and companies (such as Lar Lubovitch, Gigi Caciuleanu, Luciano Cannito, Inbal Pinto and the Bat-Dor Dance Company, where she eventually became a soloist). She tours professionally in Europe, North America and Asia.

She holds an advanced diploma from the Royal Academy of Dance in London, and spent 5 years studying classical opera singing and contemporary vocal techniques at the University of Tel-Aviv in Israel. Maya moved to Canada in 2002, where she created La Caravan Dance Theatre and continues her in-depth exploration of dance, voice, theatre, meditation, and interactive media. Maya has worked for the School of Alberta Ballet, the University of Calgary Dance Faculty and the Epcor Centre for the Arts. She has also received numerous awards and scholarships in dance and theatre in Israel and Canada.

Maya’s choreography for La Caravan includes: Experiment on the Adagio, Comme Barbare, Potence, Place to Begin, The Corridor, Contrast, The Queen the Bear and the Bumblebee, The SweetCity Opening Celebration, Interaction (part of ContainR and the Fluid Festival), The Dybbuk, and her latest creation, “it is what it is (Fihi Ma Fihi)”, her second Trans-Disciplinary performing art, a new genre of artistic expression.
Balancing her scholarly studies and professional performance career, she has been working closely with meditation masters Doug Duncan Sensei and Catherine Pawasarat since 2007. Maya is a key contributor, along with her partner Evangelos Diavolitsis, at the “Dharma Hub”– a vibrant community of practicing urban meditators offering Meditation & Contemporary Dharma Classes.

Maya Lewandowsky

Dance, Theater