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About Michael Ben Abu

Michael Ben Abu (b. 1959, Israel) is a multidisciplinary artist and a poet living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel. He has a varied background including agricultural sciences and clairvoyant meditation. He graduated B. of Fine Arts at Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem, Israel in 2015.


2011-2015 BFA, Fine Arts Depart., Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel.


2011-2015 B. Fine Arts, Fine Arts Department, Bezalel Art academy, Jerusalem, Israel

1994-1996 M.A. Judaic Studies, Solomon Shechter Institute for Jewish Studies, Jerusalem

1988-1990 Modern Greek Language studies, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

1985 Schwartz Program Certification – Community Center Director’s Training– Social Work School and School of Education, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1982-1984 B. of Sc. Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot, Hebrew University

1971-1977 “Nir HaEmeq” Regional Agricultural High School, Afula

Solo Exhibitions

2020 Journeys/Burdens, Municipal Gallery, Yavne. Curator: Doron Fishbien

2018 Pulse, Yair Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Yair Shulevitz.

2017 Identity-Mihut, Rishon Lezion Municipal Gallery.

2003 God Holds the Key, San Rafael JCC, California, USA.

2002 Golden-Hearted Rose, Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, Jerusalem, Israel.

Group Exhibitions

2020 Hagadda for Pesach/Passover, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem. Curators: Ori Holban, Naomi Brikman.

2020 Someone opened and Left, David Yalin College’ Gallery, Ramat Gan. Curators: Nava T. Barazany.

2019 Accelerator, ND Gallery, Ramat Gan. Curators: Eyal Katz, Ronit Rot Hadad..

2019 In Print Art Book Fair, Artists books presentation, Hansen House, Jerusalem Israel.

2019 Lucid, Animatiom video art (4,26 minutes), Thessaloniki Animation Festival, Greece.

2019 The Public’ right to Touch, ND Gallery, Ramat Gan. Curator: Doron Fischbein. Digital Catalogue.

2019 Lucid, Animatiom video art (4,26 minutes), Toronto Lift Off Film Festival, Canada.

2019 Lucid, Animatiom video art (4,26 minutes), Paris Short Film Festival, France.

2019 Impersonation, Central Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Doron Furman. Digital Catalogue.

2019 Birthing, Video art (3,10 minutes), ‘TLVFest’ LGBT Film Festival, Cinematheque Tel Aviv. Catalogue.

2019 Lucid, Animatiom video art (4,26 minutes), Paris Short Film Festival, France.

2019 Hidden within Language, Rishon Lezion Municipal Gallery. Curators: Efi Gen, Adi Angel. Catalogue.

2018 The Map, Eretz Israel Museum,Tel Aviv, IsraeI. Curator: Batia Doner. Catalogue.

2017 Salon 2017, Gallery HaCubia, Jerusalem, IsraeI. Curators: Ella Cohen-Vansover and Dan Orimian. Digital Catalogue.

2016 Collectors 2016, Gallery HaCubia, Jerusalem, IsraeI. Curators: Ella Cohen-Vansover and Dan Orimian. Catalogue. Recommendation and short interview. “Haboker Hazeh”- Miri Krimolovsky, Culture Magazine. Kol Israel National Radio.

2016 Earth, Gallery Mémoire de l’avenir, Paris, France. Curators: Margalit Berriet, Marie-Cécile Berdaguer. Digital Catalogue.

2015 BFA Graduates’ Exhibition, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, JRLM, IL.

Reviews and press coverage:

2018 Article at ERETZ VATEVA The Magazine of Israel, January 2018 Hebrew edition.

2017 Article at ERETZ The Magazine of Israel, October 2017 English edition.

2016 Feature on poetry, including an interview with the artist. Israel Radio Second Channel, Culture Magazine, on the morning news (“Haboker Hazeh”).

2017 Interview (30 min.) at the Yaron Enosh show, “Kol Shishi” Israel National Radio.

Collections: 2017 48 works, Orient Isrotel Spa Hotel, German Colony Jerusalem, various art collectors around the world.

Michael Ben Abu

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Tel Aviv, Israel
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Michael Ben Abu