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About Michal Gil

Michal Gil is a dancer, performer and choreographer, born in Haifa, Israel in 1983.

Michal's unique physical appearance inspired many creators and is the basis of her own creation.

As a dancer and performer, working with choreographers and theatre companies Michal participates mostly in multiplayer projects where her unique look has been examined in relation to the group or to what is common in society. She often embodies the image of the little girl or the little boy. Participating either as the performer in a group of dancers or the dancer in a group of actors.

As a choreographer, Michal mostly creates solo performances where she examines her body in relation to her inner world, and through her body, she shows her thoughts and dreams. The entirety of Michal's work as a dancer/performer and choreographer gives a broad perspective on the "other" body, on the stage and in real life.

In 2020 Michal started to make her own videos, combining dance with music by Maya Felixbrodt and creating fine art alongside her dance creation.


No.11 Babe - Intimadance festival 2010

Wind Up Bird - Acco dance center 2014

Imitating Michal Joy - Exhibition at the Holon Institute of
Technology 2016

Motchan - Intimadance festival 2019

Woman in Motion - A work in five parts that was made and shown in different parts of the world between 2017-2019. Part one in Tel Aviv - Zimmer TLV, Bamat Meitzag, Benyamin Gallery. Part two in Turku - Barki Theater, Habait Theater. Part three in Ofakim - Midarom festival residency program. Part four in Amsterdam - Street Art View studio residency program. Part five in Herzliya - Herzliya municipal gallery.


Third prize at the Rehovot Sculptures Festival 2017 for the sculptor "The Magician Who Lost His Guinea" by Achiya Zlait.

The Group Work award at the Kipod Hazahav ceremony 2015 for the work "Black Box" by the Shlomi Creators Center ensemble.

The Group Work award at Bat Yam Street Art Festival 2011 for the work "The Audience" by Yaacov Amsalem.

Michal Gil

Dance, Visual Arts
Choreographer, Dancer, Contemporary, Improvisation, Performance, Sound, Drawing & Painting, Video Art, Performance Art, Installation

Tel Aviv, Israel

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