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About Michal Shimoni

Michal started her formal art education at age 14 and continued in established Art Academies for fine art and art therapy.
She exhibits in shows around the world, and teached art to children and adults.

Art is her medicine, a sweet and beautiful remedy she needs to take as often as possible. It is also the medicine she has to give, by sharing her art and facilitate the space for others to try it.

Michal has evolved in the last years and her paintings today come from an inner well, no planning, just opening and listening to what wants to come through her.
It is a process of discovery in which she can find herself crying in awe. After studying art for many years it was a journey to find back her true voice, her inner vision and not just what she was told. She is grateful to be where she is now finding her joy in art and helping others find it.

Michal Shimoni

Visual Arts
Ceramics & Glass, Drawing & Painting

Rosh Pina, Israel
Grant Recipient

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