Visual Arts

About Nir Jacob Younessi

Israeli multimedia art producer.

Involved in various artistic forms through deep musical skills, usage of computer programming, experimental use of visual arts and interactive experiences.
Jacob’s creation is a deep platform-cross experience, combining art platforms with his experience of sound engineering and musical composing.
– Live Electronic Performances.
– From Deep Clubs to Concerts Halls. Electronic and acoustic.
– Conceptual Show And Parties.

Productions of Live music on theatre stage:
Jacob’s work focuses on creating the moments and build the emotional line for scenes. The music is modular and fits to the moment according to the actions on stage.
The music can be deep and hard and also fun and simple.

Live or recorded music for dancers and performance including: Zazua, Drag show, Circus and Dance.

Music Producer
Works with a wide variety of artists in different genres. VonderGEN , Koomla , Yoni livne , Nupar Fey


Music Instruments
Programming arcade USB game controllers into musical instruments and sound installations including Steering wheel, Flight simulator, Wii controller, Playstation controller and more.

Sound programming
Working with Max8 to create unique VSTs: Synths, Effects, Visual audio connectors. Link:

Hologram and Visual Arts
VR experiences including music and sound react with full 360 animation and gameplay. 3D animations to Hologram Led Fan for special displays on the shows.


Unique urban fusion-art festival, expressing the underground creative spirit of South Tel-Aviv. Trauma takes place for 6 hours on three stages.
Over thirty artists participate in each minifest, from a wide spectrum of creative arts: circus, drag shows, experimental music, rap, spoken, sound artists, painting, digital, video art and ZAZUA performance-art, of live action painting with dancing models.

Educational Background

2017-2019 BSP: Music Production, Audio Engineering, and Music Theory – BPM Collage TLV . 2011-2013 Graduate high school in music class.
• Working with: Ableton Live, Max 8 (M4L), Cubase, unity.
• Knowledge of acoustic Music instruments: guitar, piano, mandolin, and few ethnic musical instruments.

Nir Jacob Younessi

Music, Visual Arts
Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Voice, Composition, Music Direction, Production, Digital Art / Multimedia, Performance Art, Video Art

Tel Aviv, Israel
Grant Recipient