About Niv Haviv Avraham

Singer, composer, writer and guitarist Niv Haviv Avraham was born 1991 in Eilat, Israel. He moved to Tel Aviv to study theater at Yoram Levinstein’s studio.

One of his songs “when you will come” won as “song of the week” on the C network radio station, where her also performed his song – “ruins” (“Harisot”).

After serving in the military he took part in TV show “band project” ,season one , aired on “PBS KIDS”.

Niv Haviv is a 2016 AICF Scholarship recipient for Acting.

Niv Haviv Avraham

Dance, Music, Theater
Dancer, Ballet, Guitar, Musical Theater, Actor, Classical, Contemporary, Experimental

Eilat, Israel
Grant Recipient

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