Visual Arts

About Noa Shay

Born in Kibbutz Ramot Menashe in Israel, Noa studied painting at the Jerusalem Studio School before moving to New York City to pursue a Master’s degree in Fine Arts at Brooklyn College. Her work, which ranges from sculpture and bar relief to painting, has been exhibited in Israel and in the US and is presented in both public and private collections including the Israel Museum. In 2012 she had a monumental sculpture on display in Riverside Park South in Manhattan and another collaborative one in Van Cortland Park in the Bronx.

"My art deals with the interplay between choice and chance, between creation and destruction, hope and longing, reality and imagination. The sculptural objects and the drawings relate and inform one another. I’m trying to create an experience with forms, materials, colors and textures to evoke emotions, memories and wishes." - Noa Shay

Noa Shay

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting, Installation, Sculpture

New York, New York, United States